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Reactions To Glasses Malone: Snoop Was Bigger Than Tupac

Many within the Hip Hop community have used social media to share their reactions to Glasses Malone thoughts about Snoop being greater than Tupac.

Aside from releasing ‘2pac Must Die’, Malone has also added his controversial opinion about Snoop and Tupac to the mix.

Glasses Malone appeared on No Jumper (Watch the interview here) where he said Snoop is responsible for the way the public sees Tupac today. Adding that Tupac was never close to Snoop’s status.

Malone would also appear on the Breakfast Club where Charlmagne questioned these statements made by Malone.

“I didn’t see this interview, but it says you was with Jumper. (Watch the interview here) And you said Snoop Dogg is responsible for the way the public views Tupac and Tupac was never close to Snoop’s status. Why would you say such a lie like that, G,” says Charlmagne.

Glasses Malone response to Charlmagne is by asking, “who was the ni**a in the rap game?” Malone continues by stating, “there was no bigger rapper than Snoop Dogg.”

This would prompt reactions from many in the Hip Hop community. Including Snoop Dogg himself. Snoop did not shy away from stating he was responsible for Tupac being signed to Death Row records.

Snoop Dogg

Voicing his thoughts on charlmagne Instagram post, Snoop, claimed he was the reason Tupac ended up on Death Row records.

Reactions to glasses malone


Childhood friend of Tupac Shakur and Outlawz member, EDIDON also replied to the post by CThaGod. EDI stated #iwasthere. EDI giving credit to both icons. Stating that it was two greats in their prime. “History will be the judge!” says EDI.

edidon outlawz member childhood friend of Tupac Shakur reacts to glasses malone claiming snoop was greater than tupac
edidon outlawz member childhood friend of Tupac Shakur reacts to glasses malone claiming snoop was greater than tupac

Warren G

Warren G who also worked with both Snoop and Tupac weighed in on the debate and offered his reaction to what Glasses Malone had to say.

Sharing his thoughts also on Instagram. “Snoop Dogg opened the door for Pac when he told Suge to sign him and that’s when Pac started to shine and snoop was already huge. I produced Definitions Of a thug for Pac On poetic justice soundtrack which also made his buzz explode. Pac is definitely a legend and snoop paved the way.”

warren g agrees that snoop was bigger than tupac

Young Noble Reaction To Warren G

Outlawz member, Young Noble reacted on his official Instagram account. Young Noble couldn’t let this one slid. Especially that he was around during the Death Row days. Even without having to be on Death Row records, Noble says it’s all facts. The numbers don’t lie.

young noble reaction to warren g comments about snoop and tupac
young noble reacts to snoop dogg comments about tupac



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