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Ray Macc, Ocho, Parlay Starr, Model Of The Week Kimmi

Ray Macc joins The Dinner Club for a second time after technical difficulties on his first appearance. Macc talks changing his life and dedicating himself to music. He also is looking to bring back credibility to the game and explains how he plans to deliver. “Realness will always prevail. You may not when you want it but it will,” says Ray Macc. Macc has a new mixtape dropping April 22 titled Fourth Quarter.

Ocho is also in the building as he talks his inspiration in the game and his recent success that landed him with Empire. “It feels good you just gotta keep doing what you do. Put your mind to it,” explains Ocho.

Parlay Starr comes through talks new single with Kevin McCall, Cotton Candy. Parlay and Kevin formed the group Macc Starrz with a debut album set for Summer 2019. Parlay who edited the video for Cotton Candy explained why, “When you’re dealing with your video its your art. Sometimes the editor don’t get your vision.”

Don Juan’s Model Of The Week, Kimmi stops by talks her time serving in the military. She also goes on to speak about her Modelling career, other interest such as receiving her degree in marketing. Also Kimmi reveals her ethnicity. Bet you can’t guess!

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