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Ray J’s Message To Wendy Williams From Suge Knight

Ray J delivered a personal message from Suge Knight to Wendy Williams when appearing on her show this week.

The 38-year-old was a recent guest on her talk show, The Wendy Williams Show, on which he surprised her with the direct message. In October, Suge Knight spoke from prison about Ray J overseeing the music side of things at Death Row. Released via The Blast YouTube channel, Suge described Ray as family and respects his business style. Suge went onto say that Ray will be putting out an album which has his seal of approval.

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Ray J Delivers Suge Knights Message

After talking about Ray J’s marriage with wife Princess Love, Wendy asks him about his relationship with Suge. Before going further, Ray J stopped Wendy and announced that he needed to pass a message on from Suge. “So look, Suge told me to tell you, this was a message yesterday”, he said. “He said that he found out I’m going on Wendy and he said tell Wendy don’t ask no questions about me or Death Row because she never treated me right or said anything nice about me.”


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Surprised, not expecting such a direct message from Suge, Wendy Williams fired back at the former Death Row boss. Claiming that she always treated him right, her immediate reaction was to tell Suge to “get outta here!” “It’s not my fault you ran over a man backed up and ran over him again,” Wendy added.

Wendy’s quick-fire response is a reference to the January 2015 hit-and-run killing of Terry Carter. Her response left Ray J looking awkward and seemingly disagreeing with her statement. However, trying to reach a positive outcome, Ray J suggested that they both needed to talk on the phone. Agreeing, Wendy said she’d be up for talking, with Ray J applauding, adding he could set the conversation up.

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Tupac Diss To Wendy Williams On Why U Turn On Me

While in prison, Tupac heard that Wendy Williams started a rumor that would add fuel to the coastal beef. The rumor that Wendy supposedly started was that Tupac got raped in prison, which he vigorously denied. Once free, he recorded ‘Why U Turn On Me’, a scathing attack on Wendy and others who wronged him. He references her claims, laughing them off and firing back with explicit lyrics at Wendy’s weight and image.

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Tupac’s original handwritten lyrics for Why U Turn On Me

Furthermore, Hot 97 radio personality, Angie Martinez, spoke on the situation in her book, ‘My Voice – A Memoir’. Angie sat down with Tupac and interviewed him in 1996, at the height of the coastal beef. Although only 12 minutes has surfaced, she included a part in the memoir. When she asked Tupac if he was saying he didn’t have beef with New York, Wendy’s name popped up.

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In response, Tupac said, “I have a beef with ­anybody in my way. Anybody that feel like they could criticize me because they bought my album. That feel like just because they read an interview that they know who I am. I have a beef with them ­interfering with me ­getting my money. I got a beef with Wendy Williams saying I got raped in jail because that ­disrespected me, my family and what I represent.”


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