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Rare Video Of Tupac Shakur And Money B Of Digital Underground

The year isn’t quite over just yet. Just when we thought we’ve seen all the rare video and photos of Tupac, we was wrong.

Some of the best Tupac rare videos and photos surfaced in 2019. Many of which made the 2019 top list of Tupac rare photos and videos.

In this 1991 rare video, Tupac Shakur and Digital Underground member Money B, are seen clowning each other. Tupac and Money B quickly build a friendship, “He would come into Oakland, I would take him around. Take him to get his weed, on 13th ave, explains Money B in an interview with DJ Vlad. “I was helping him navigate through, and see what he wanted to see.”

Money B, Tupac, and Saafir
Money B, Tupac, and Saafir

Tupac Shakur would get his first big break with Digital Underground when he appeared on their hit song and music video “Same Song“. Before joining Digial Underground Tupac was in another Hip Hop group “Strictly Dope”. Managed by Leila Steinberg, she would eventually connect Tupac with Atron Gregory. At the time Atron was managing Digital Underground, and quickly got a meeting between DU member Shock G and Tupac.

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All it took was that one-on-one meeting with Shock G, as Tupac auditioned at Starlight Studios, and the rest is history. Tupac would sign with Atron and TNT records.

Ray Luv, Shock G, and Tupac

Shortly after Money B would meet Tupac for the very first time. “Ray and Tupac were the rappers. I thought that Ray an Tupac were equally talented as far as rapping. But, soon after, five minutes into meeting him, it was obvious that Tupac was the guy. He just had some kind of presence about him. When you around him he just commanded your attention,” said Money B.


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