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Rare Tupac Video As He Talks About Janet Jackson, Poetic Justice

A rare clip of Tupac talking about his experience with Janet Jackson while filming Poetic Justice is circulating online.

In the video, ‘Pac compares working with Janet to working with the president. Tupac was a rising star in Hip Hop before he starred in Poetic Justice. He would also show the world his potential in becoming a great actor. Many people believed he would go onto be one of the great actors of his generation.

Janet Jackson

It’s common knowledge that the pair had electric chemistry on set of the movie. In this short clip, Tupac explains how he wanted the movie done right. He threw his emotions into the project and in doing so, admits he fell in love with Janet.

“Just look at it, a little ghetto gutter kid, rich Janet Jackson into a movie together, you can’t get anymore westside story than that!” – Tupac Shakur

On a radio interview in 2018, Janet revealed that Tupac had a special nickname for her which was square! Tupac would always say to her “What’s up square.” She said it was because she was very quiet and she would just sit back, watch and laugh.

Janet Jackson Talks Tupac With Real 92.3

Check out the rare clip of Tupac talking about Janet Jackson below.


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