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Tupac Glam Slam Performance 1992 Plus Rare Video

An extremely rare and unseen video surfaced online of the 1992 Tupac Glam Slam Performance at Prince’s Glam Slam West nightclub.

On the evening of April 11th 1992, Tupac, along with half-brother Mopreme Shakur and Mouse Man, gave an energetic show.

The venue, in Los Angeles, named after Prince’s single, Glam Slam, from his 1988 album, Lovesexy. Over the years short clips from the show have leaked but have only lasted less than a minute. Incidentally, this concert happened on the same date as an nineteen year-old, Ronald Ray Howard, shot a state trooper. When questioned, Ronald hinted at listening to 2Pacalypse Now inspired him to kill.

Tupac with Mopreme Shakur and Mouse Man

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Uploaded to YouTube, this incredible video is eleven minutes in duration. Viewers can see Tupac performing hits from his debut album, 2Pacalypse Now, including Trapped and Brenda’s Got A Baby. As the beat kicked in to the touching and emotional song, Tupac and his crew gave out red roses for the women in the audience. Even very early into his career, Tupac felt at home on stage, owning it and engaging with his audience.

Tupac Glam Slam Through The Lens

LA journalist, Lawrence Evan Dotson, aka Loupy D, was in attendance and shot the photographs below. He also worked as a substitute teacher and he’d show the images he captured that night to his students, who loved Tupac.

Reflecting on the evening, Loupy D knew, even in 1992, that Tupac Shakur was heading for stardom.

Speaking on Tupac, Loupy D said; “He had the determination, the passion, the swagger and the shine. These photos show a side of the man not many people got to see. This ‘Pac wasn’t covered in jewels and Versace; this ‘Pac was humble and hungry. He knew what he going for on stage that night, and that was to become the legend that he is.”

For Tupac and music fans in general, this is like gold dust. It’s one of the only recordings of Brenda’s Got A Baby performed live and yet another rare video of Tupac! Watch the Tupac Glam Slam 1992 performance below.


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