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Rare Tupac Photos From Gridlock’d Movie Set, 70 Plus Pictures

A collection of rare Tupac photos from Gridlock’d movie set. These 70 plus high quality rare Tupac pictures are from the German Blu-ray version of the movie Girdlock’d.

Gridlock’d, a crime comedy, shows America’s drug epidemic and stars Tupac Shakur as Spoon and Tim Roth as Stretch. Both Spoon and Stretch are friends in a band but are also trying to grapple with drug addiction and wild lifestyle. After their close friend and bandmate, Cookie, played by Thandie Newton, dies after an overdose, the pair try their hardest to get clean.

It was on Gridlock’d that Vondie Curtis-Hall had his directorial debut in which he also wrote the story and screenplay.

Rare Tupac Photos From Gridlock'd Movie Set, 70 Plus Pictures

“It is possible to imagine “Gridlock’d” as a movie of despair and desperation, but that would involve imagining it without Tupac Shakur and Tim Roth, who illuminate it with a gritty, goofy comic spirit. This is grim material, but surprisingly entertaining, and it is more cause to mourn the recent death of Shakur, who gives his best performance as Spoon, a musician who wants to get off drugs.” – Roger Ebert, Gridlock’d review

At Gridlock’d’s premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, the audience received the movie well. Although the movie was shot June of 1996, it wasn’t released until January 1997, Tupac would never get to see the finished product.

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Gridlock’d Facts

  • Released January 29, 1997
  • Estimated 5.5 million dollars in sales
  • Movie soundtrack went Gold

The following below are cast members and producers who shared their experiences working with Tupac.

Tim Roth (Stretch)

I used to quietly slide into his trailer during the day at some point when no one was around. I’d kick back and have a beer and he’d be sitting there writing, which was good. Good to see. He worked at it. His success was not a fluke. He was a poet.

Rare Tupac Photos From Gridlock'd Movie Set, 70 Plus Pictures

There as this big tough guy performance that goes on in him and I ave never seen anybody so scared in all my life. We were in a back alley shooting the stabbing scene and there were rats running around. And he literally was terrified. He kept jumping up and down shouting, “Did you see that, that was a rat!!” It was like suddenly he was four years old and it made me laugh.

Bokeem Woodbine (Mud)

I really feel that in years to come music and cinema of today will be considered a renaissance era of sorts and I think he was on the forefront of a lot of that. People will look back and say that Tupac was a true renaissance magician.

Preston Holmes (Co-Executive Producer)

“Big smile, he always had a big smile. He loved kids and my daughter was always with me and he had known her since she was a kid. He invited me to the set of his music video which was like a rappers convention, I mean everybody was in it.

My daughter and her friend spent all day getting cute in these little outfits and I was not going to let them leave the house dressed like that. They wouldn’t listen so finally I gave in. We got to the set and Tupac took one look at them and said, “What are you doing dressed like that. Yaґll had better go home and put some clothes on.” And he was serious. It was typical of who he was.

Damian Jones (Producer)

Initially, everybody was nervous about Tupac, given his reputation. But he loved this film and by the end, everybody loved him.


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