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Rare Tupac Photo With The Outlawz Is Released

Chi Modu Releases Rare 1995 Tupac Outlawz Photo

Another rare Tupac photo has surfaced. This one of Tupac and the Outlawz.

On December 30th 1995, photographer Chi Modu would capture hip hop history. At the time Chi Modu was part of The Source magazine, a staple in the hip hop culture. During his time with The Source magazine Chi Modu would develop relationships with various artists in the industry.

One of those artists was Tupac Shakur. This relationship according to Chi was one of the easiest as he reflects on Tupac” That’s my man. He was always good to me. I like the images where you get to see another side of Tupac. He was relaxed & comfortable with me. He was definitely the easiest person to shoot with. Tupac understood the camera & he knew to respect the photographer & since he respected the photographer we were able to have a body of work that’s still iconic 20 years on. It’s almost like he orchestrated the image that he was going to leave behind.”


On this particular day Chi Modu would shoot some solo shots of Tupac which would later appear as the March 1996 cover of The Source magazine. This wouldn’t be the only shots taken at Wyndham Belage Hotel in West Hollywood. Also on the scene was E.D.I Mean, Yaki Kadafi, Kastro, Napolean, Hussein Fatal, Mopreme and Big Syke. Thug Life and Outlawz was captured by Chi and the rest is history.

rare tupac photo

Since then Chi has released these moments via his Instagram and his Uncategorized book of Tupac Shakur. Yesterday he did it again. Chi released a never before seen photo of Tupac and the Outlawz. A photo captioned ‘End Of The Day – 1995 LA’.

rare tupac photo

This past summer, Chi Modu Uncategorized was showcased in Berlin and also in California. Read – Tupac Uncategorized Opening In Los Angeles. For more on Chi Modu visit his official web site @ www.chimodu.com


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