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Rare Tupac Let’s Get It On (First Take) [Audio]

Another piece of unreleased Tupac Shakur material has hit the internet. The unheard rare Tupac audio is from the song Let’s Get It On.

As it indicates in the description of the YouTube video for Makaveli Music Group, the song was recorded on September 5, 1996. That would be two days before Tupac shooting in Vegas.

Makaveli Music Group channel on YouTube is not affiliated with the Tupac Estate nor does it have the rights to the audio. With that being said this isn’t the first time since Tupac’s music has leaked or rather “slipped” out the vaults.


Since Tupac’s passing, tons of his music hit the streets via CD and cassette formats. All music that can be heard in it’s original form. Some have yet to be released in posthumous albums and those that have been released many have been altered.

This alerting of the songs did not sit well with Tupac’s fans. Some of the original features and beats were changed. Changes that were made for various reasons such as outdated beats according to sources. Some of the songs remained exactly as the originals like ‘Soon As I Get Home’ and ‘They Don’t Give A (Damn) About Us’.

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Regardless, it seems it will never end when it comes to new music or audio clips of unheard and rare Tupac. No one is complaining, but as the reporter on the intro for Tupac’s Better Dayz album said, “This is yet another posthumous release by 2Pac. Which, raises the question, Where are these songs coming from? It’s interesting how, the message in these songs Is still relevant today.”


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