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Rare Tupac Interview Footage With Access Hollywood

Rare Tupac interview with Access Hollywood during the movie set of Gridlock’d.

As described by IMDB, Gridlock’d is movie about Spoon and Stretch deciding to kick their drug habits. This after a friend overdoses. As they attempt to enroll in a government detox program. Their efforts are hampered by seemingly endless red tape. They are shuffled from one office to another while being chased by drug dealers and the police.

During the Tupac interview with Access Hollywood, Tupac talks about rap is too political. Stating that everyone is focusing on the controversy going on in his life that it is over shadowing his acting skills. This wouldn’t be the first time Tupac would talk about quitting rap. As with time Tupac was getting tired of rapping. It was well known he wanted to focus on other things. Such as more acting roles.

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Gridlock’d would hit theaters on January 29, 1997. Gridlock’d directed by Vondie Curtis-Hall and had a star cast of Tupac Shakur, Tim Roth and Thandie Newton.

Speaking of Tim Roth, in 2016 Roth would appear on The Late Show With James Corden. During the interview Roth shares a story of Tupac. Apparently Roth and Tupac both recorded a song together. Jokingly Roth explains the experience as “terrifying”.


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