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Rare Tupac 1993 Interview, Full Video Plus Extra Camera Angles

May 25th 1993 Tupac was interviewed by Black Watch TV, and the full Tupac rare interview with different camera angles is available for all to see.


“If you ask me some fake sh*t, I’ma answer it fake. If you ask me some real sh*t, I’ma answer it real. If you ask me some shit that everybody ask me, I’ma answer it like I’m bored. If you ask me some sh*t that nobody has ever asked me, I’ma answer it like its the first time I’ve ever heard it,” says a very animated Tupac Shakur.

This is the response given by Tupac, when the Black Watch TV interviewer said to Tupac, “Give us some love man.” As seen in the beginning of the interview, Tupac is not feeling the questions being asked. Questions such as what does Ni**a mean and what’s the difference between his second solo album from his debut album?

Tupac had just released his second studio album, Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z. in February of 1993. Of course it’s been well documented that N.I.G.G.A to Tupac meant, Never Ignorant Getting Goals Accomplished.

During the interview Tupac is accompanied by Bay Area artist Richie Rich. In this rare Tupac 1993 interview, Tupac can be seen sporting a leather vest and with his trademark star ring. (Interesting side note, Tupac wanted to name his first child, Star.)

Watch The Full Video Of This Rare Tupac 1993 Interview

Tupac touches on his record label and others trying to censor him, such as then Vice President Dan Quayle. “God damn, the vice president talked about me a young ni**a from the hood, he know me. He want my sh*t up off the shelf.”

Tupac well aware of his influence and power that came from his music, explained why they came after him. “You know why? Cause my sh*t is different than the next man. My sh*t be telling ni**as to off these old punk motherfu**ers. My sh*t talk about swinging back. They know the difference between mine and the next man.”

Tupac also discusses being a role model, Hughes Brothers fight, and Poetic Justice. So sit back and watch Tupac eat Doritos, pizza and entertain you, like only Tupac can, and oh… talk some real sh*t!


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