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Rare Photo Of Tupac Before 1996 MTV Video Music Awards After Party

American singer and songwriter from East Chicago, Indiana has contributed to the recent release of rare Tupac photos. Kim Sanders who debuted in 1993, shared a very rare photo of her and Tupac Shakur. In fact the photo was released 8 years ago, but not until now has it gone viral.

Captioning the photo with, ” found some old photos and ran across this one… the event was the 1996 MTV Music Awards, NY.” Kim Sanders is seen with Tupac wearing a Death Row East white T-shirt and his Euphanasia gold chain.

Rare Photo Of Tupac Before 1996 MTV Video Music Awards After Party
Tupac Kim Sanders, 1996

Tupac Is Nominated

Three days before being shot in Las Vegas, Tupac attended the 1996 MTV Video Music Awards. Tupac, nominated for the music video “California Love“, did not win on this night.

After the awards, MTV would speak to both Snoop Dogg and Tupac. The interviewer started off by asking Tupac if he was disappointed with losing ‘Best Rap Video’. Tupac’s response showes how business like minded he was, “Oh no, I didn’t lose see, because I sold 6.5 million copies.. so I won”.

When asked about seeing The Notorious B.I.G or Puffy and the ‘beef’ with Bad Boy, Tupac aims fire at the media for blowing the whole situation up.

“The east coast, west coast thing is something that the journalists and people are making up just to get paid out of this and so it can drag out. So they’re perpetuating this so there could be drama, which I still love MTV. But when it all goes down, don’t look at me and Biggie and be like why is there a big east coast, west coast war when you’re shooting this to 30 – 300 homes, 300 countries telling them about a east coast, west coast war. They would never know it exists. So that’s where information becomes a problem. I mean if you lose… I gotta be the one to let you know,” says Tupac.

Tupac’s Death Row East Campaign @ The 1996 MTV Video Music Awards After Party

As seen in the rare photo shared by Kim Sanders, Tupac is sporting his Death Row East t-shirt. The very same t-shirt where he is seen in Bryant Park, New York, where he delivered his infamous Death Row East “speech”. As Tupac asked the reporter for Much Music, “Do you believe in God? Believe in Death Row East.”


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