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Rare Footage Of Tupac Enjoying Boxing Fight In Las Vegas

Footage of a boxing match in Las Vegas shows rare clips of Tupac in the audience enjoying the spectacle.

It’s no secret that Tupac loved the sport of boxing. By the time ‘Pac was released from prison, his friend Mike Tyson was at the height of his career. Enjoying ringside seats at Tyson’s fights, Tupac would frequently cheer his friend on. But this footage isn’t from any Tyson fight. It’s from the 1995 meeting between Bowe and Holyfield and shows the passion that Tupac had for fighting.

Las Vegas
Hitting the Las Vegas Casino’s

This video, which was uploaded to YouTube, captures candidly Tupac’s raw emotion within the four rounds that he saw. At 31.30, Tupac and Suge take their seats in the fourth round. A few minutes later, at 35.01, Tupac is seen clapping Holyfield back to his corner after a grueling round. Finally, at 41.20 and 42.05 Tupac can’t contain his excitement, leaping off his seat and applauding the fight. Even after the years that have past, glimpses and footage such as this remains treasured.

The boxing match on November 4, 1995, between Riddick Bowe and Evander Holyfield, was a non-title match held at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Due to the pair meeting twice previously, the match carried the bill name of ‘The Final Chapter’. Both fighters knocked each other down to the canvas but the fight continued. However, in round 8 Bowe delivered a blow that put Holyfield on the canvas again, forcing the referee to stop the fight.

Las Vegas
Tupac cheering with Suge looking on

Enjoyable Weekend In Las Vegas

This weekend in Las Vegas would be significant and not just for the boxing. Tupac would be performing live for the first time since his prison release the previous month. The event at Suge Knight’s Club 662 was for the release of Tha Dogg Pound’s ‘Dogg Food’ album.

Upon arriving in Las Vegas, the Death Row entourage heads over to Club 662 to check the venue is ready. From there they hit the Luxur, gambling at the tables and enjoying the Las Vegas entertainment.
When it came to attending the boxing match at Caesars Palace, the Death Row entourage was late. When they got to their seats in the fourth round, they saw them occupied, which they swiftly dealt with.

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The following day, on November 5, Tupac performed at Club 662, also in Las Vegas, as planned for the ‘Dogg Food’ album release. On stage with the Outlawz, some of the songs performed were Ambitionz Az a Ridah, So Many Tears and California Love.

Las Vegas
November 5 ’95 at Club 662

In a backstage interview, Tupac drinks with Johnny J and Nate Dogg talking about ‘All Eyez On Me’. ‘Pac then lifts up his shirt revealing a bulletproof vest and jokes that he’s wearing only because it’s warm. He adds, “I don’t want n* to switch up on me and I ain’t with it. If they decide to shoot me in my chest this time”, pounding on the vest.


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