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Rare 1993 Interview Clip Of Tupac Via Allhiphop

In this latest interview clip of Tupac, he speaks about Acting, Black Panthers and rapping. The one minute clip comes from an interview that was conducted on July 16, 1993, while promoting Poetic Justice. The full interview has yet to be leaked.

Recently rare footage of Tupac has been released. Including never before seen full video of Tupac’s speech at the The Indiana Black Expo. The expo is one of the largest ethnic-cultural events in the United States. It uses its platform to be the voice to advance African Americans.

The full transcript of the rare Tupac interview clip can be read below.

“I like to think I’m rebel. I’m revolutionary. I like to think, I like to bring change. I did a play at the Apollo theater, for the Jessie Jackson, when he was running for president. Of course he was campaigning.”

“At the time it just seemed like the fun thing to do, cause I was thirteen. I caught the bug when I got on stage, and all these people was clapping. So, that’s when I got it, but really I just enjoy expressing myself. Anytime I can express myself, I can let some of the pain go from a childhood like mine. So, that’s why I enjoy acting.”

Rare 1993 Interview Clip Of Tupac Via Allhiphop
Tupac speaking about his mother, Afeni Shakur

“When I get to perform my rhymes, I express myself in an even deeper way, adn go deeper into what I want to say. I’m the director and I’m the star and I’m the editor and I’m the production assistant. So it’s like acting just on a smaller scale.”

“My mother wrote a book. There is a book about my mother called Look for Me in the Whirlwind and I like to think that is my motto.”

The interview clip can be seen by clicking here exclusively via allhiphop.com.

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