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Rapsody Says She’s Trying To Get On A Cardi B Song

Billboard debuted their new show ‘On The Block‘ on Tuesday, November 19th. It’s very first episode featured newly signed Columbia records artist, Rapsody.

On The block is hosted by Billboard’s Hip Hop editor Carl Lamarre, charts expert, Trevor Anderson, and associate editor Bianca Garcie.

60th anniversary of the Grammy’s saw Rapsody nominated for two awards. Her second studio album, ‘Laila’s Wisdom, was up for Best Rap Album. Being the only fifth woman to ever be nominated in that category, she went against top contenders. Jay-Z, Migos, Tyler The Creator, and Kendrick Lamar also nominated.


The Grammy nominated spoke about what being nominated did for her career. “Being Grammy nominated, for me it just validated, yo you don’t have to think so much about trying to fit in spaces, and make music for certain people. Once I just got to that mind space and I came up with the concept, you just do what’s honest and what feels right. And, at the end of the day if it resonates with the people, then that’s what really moves you.”

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Although she did not win, can’t take away from what Rapsody was able to accomplish with her sophomore album. For Rapsody it’s about putting out true stories and something meaningful. Not worrying about being nominated again. “People be like do you feel pressure because you know the last one was nominated. Trying to get nominated again? I was like no. I can’t approach music like that.”

Cardi B and Rapsody collaboration coming soon?

Aside from her own music, Rapsody touches on working with Cardi B in the near future. “I just love Cardi cause she’s just herself. Whatever she feels like doing she’s gonna do it, there’s no other motive behind it. It’s all authentic,” says Rapsody. “It just shows, one, the person she is. She is of the culture. Like she really loves Hip Hop. You can feel how sincere it is. And, two, it’s dope to see her fall into the leadership position.”

“I’m trying to get on a song though,” adds Rapsody


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