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Rapsody On How Queen Latifah, MC Lyte Influenced Her Music Career

Hip Hop’s talented artist, Rapsody stopped by “The Neighborhood” on Big Boy TV, revealing how MC Lyte and Queen Latifah influenced her career.

Coming up in a small town in North Carolina, Rapsody felt the world of Hip Hop was a far distance. A distance that separated herself and one day dreaming of contributing to the genre.

“It took me a while to say I can do it. I had to be around the right village to uplift me, because I was from North Carolina,” explained Rapsody. “I remember Kendrick talking about how he went outside and can see Pac and Snoop and them doing a video shoot. I didn’t experience that. Everything I saw was through TV and radio, so it wasn’t real to me, that yo this is really something you can do and make a living of.”

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Rapsody (Photo by @poetik517)

She was always around music. From her early days at home on Saturday mornings, when her mother would play all times of music. Although she loved Hip Hop, she can’t recall the very first rap song she heard. “I don’t remember the first song that I heard that was a rap song, that was like I’m just like yo this was the first one.”

What she can remember is which song made her believe that a young woman from North Carolina could indeed be on that Television screen almost other talented artists. “I remember the first song that made me wanna be a part of it,” Rapsody tells Big Boy. “That was Poor Georgie by MC Lyte. She was the first female that I saw at the time that was rapping the way she did. I was so amazed,” said Rapsody. “It showed me yo a woman can do this, I can do that.”

Another female artist that influenced Rapsody, is Hip Hop icon Queen Latifah. For Rapsody her dream would come true when Latifah would feature on her album “Eve”. “That was a dream come true, she’s always been on my list cause she influenced me so much,” said Rapsody. “Just to have her a part of the project, she gave me a lot of advice for it too.”

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Part of that advice came with changing the title for Rapsody’s third studio album. “She the reason I changed the title to Eve.” Not to get confused with EVE the rapper, Rapsody was looking for a title that represented an album dedicated to powerful woman. “The first female to ever walk the earth. The first female that God created, so I wanted something that told a story. I got all these songs named after black woman. What’s the one title that speaks to all of that.”


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