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Rachel Atcheson Discusses Altruism, Depression, Healthier Diets

On episode 52, we welcome Rachel Atcheson to learn about effective altruism as a philosophy of life, discuss the ways we can improve our health care system, and the strategies and barriers to improving our own health.

Effective altruism teaches us that happiness stems from minimal possessions and significance in one’s community, as opposed to keeping up with the Jones’s.

Rachel Atcheson is the Deputy Strategist for Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, she works on nutrition initiatives, healthy eating resources for individuals, and municipal support for urban agriculture.

Rachel Atcheson
Rachel Atcheson, City Hall

As the former Grassroots Director of The Humane League, Rachel was responsible for growing the Campus Outreach program’s growth from 18 to 52 campuses nationwide. She then moved on to work in the New York City Mayor’s Office as the Animal Welfare Liaison, the only position of its kind in the country. In this position, Rachel worked on numerous initiatives, including the banning of wild animals in the circus and a Meatless Monday pilot for Brooklyn public schools.

Rachel shared her journey, informing us about how becoming an effective altruist helped her mitigate the symptoms of chronic depression and create a sense of meaning, which carried her through difficult periods, including during the current pandemic.


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