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R-Truth Talks Opening For Digital Underground, Meeting Tupac

WWE Superstar R-Truth recently spoke about meeting Hip Hop icon Tupac Shakur and opening for Digital Underground as he appeared on the OooLaLa Blog.


Before becoming a popular wrestler and a WWE superstar, Ron Killings aka R-Truth first passion was music. In fact it was his music career that led him to WWE and ultimately becoming a consistently successful wrestler.

Part of his early days in the music business as he tried to get his feet into the industry, R-Truth would go on to meet Tupac Shakur at the 1992 Jack The Rapper convention.

R-Truth Talks Opening For Digital Underground, Meeting Tupac

“When I first got involved with music I use to open shows for rappers that came here and R&B singers. I opened for Tracie Spencer, Kwame, Digital Underground, 3rd Base, Kid ‘n Play,” R-Truth said.

“Then this convention called Jack The Rapper was out, and that’s where rappers would go, underground rappers go out, unsigned artist, and back then you would try to pitch your demo tape. You would have your promo package together, and all the A&R’s, CEO’s, everybody was there at these conventions.”

Coming off his debut film with Juice, a young Tupac Shakur would run into Ron Killings aka R-Truth. “That’s where I first met Tupac and Treach from Naughty By Nature,” R-Truth recalls. “Him and Pac was real close.”

Although in never gets old to hear the story, this wasn’t the first time R-Truth spoke about his first and only interaction with Tupac.

On an episode of WWE Ride Along, R-Truth and Carmella are seen driving after a WWE live event as the conversation of Hip Hop came about. WWE Ride Along takes the WWE fan on an inside look as their favorite WWE superstars travel the world, sharing stories among themselves.

In this particular story R-Truth explains his connection with the world of Hip Hop. “Being around the hood, I just got involved with rap,” R-Truth said to Carmella. “I’m talking about Sugar Hill Gang, Will Smith, Digital Underground. That’s where I met Tupac.”

“He knew how to work a crowd. He knew how to work people,” add R-Truth.


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