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Queen Naija Releases Visual For “Lie To Me” Featuring Lil Durk

After sharing her new single on October 2nd, Queen Naija released her latest music video for “Lie To Me” featuring Lil Durk on October 5 (Monday).

Directed by Teyana “Spike Tey” Taylor, “Lie To Me” has Chicago native Lil Durk is busy writing at home when he gets the call about their recording session. The video celebrates the joys of connecting – from Queen and Lil Durk collaborating in the studio to the vibrant rhythms of neighborhood life.

Queen Naija Releases Visual For "Lie To Me" Featuring Lil Durk

“Slide to Malibu and have some beach sex, Cummin’ back to back, she hittin’ goals that she ain’t reach yet / She ain’t all romantic ’cause I’m too deep inside this street shit, Lick her neck she shakin’, I ain’t get down to her feet yet,” raps Lil Durk.

Queen Naija is set to release her debut album ‘Missunderstood‘ on October 30th via Capital Records. Fans who pre-order the digital album will instantly receive “Lie to Me” plus “Pack Lite,” which has amassed over 42 million combined global streams, and the top 10 Urban AC radio hit “Butterflies Pt. 2,” which has more than 63 million combined streams.

“You gone find that testing out the waters ain’t exciting, as you thought it was ni–a you’ll be coming right back,” Queen Naija sings on “Lie To Me”. This is true for listeners who will have this hit on repeat and will return for more for her “Missunderstood” debut album.


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