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Pusha-T Signs Hip Hop Artist To New Record Label

Evolving and venturing off to bigger opportunities in the music industry is something many fail to explore. For Pusha-T, a student of the game, he is well on his way to successful run as a business man in Hip Hop.

Announcing his new record label, Heir Wave Music Group, which focuses on developing artist from his home state of Virginia.

The news broke first by Pusha-T himself during an event at Defiant Studios in Richmond. Pusha is no stranger to the business side of the music industry as he serves as president of G.O.O.D Music, the label founded by Kanye West in 2004.

Pusha-T Signs Hip Hop Artist To New Record Label

Along with the announcement of the new label, came news of Pusha-T’s first signed artist. Petersburg, Virginia native Kahri 1K.

“As far as Virginia goes and where I’m from, the 757…I sort of feel like we haven’t established like a circuit that’s really our own,” Pusha-T said during the Defiant Studios event. “Now, with the label, that’s one of the things I’m trying to do. … I felt like Kahri, and I felt like Kahri’s project, would be a great one to start this whole campaign with.”

Kahri 1K dropped a nine track album titled ‘The Ghost of Pecan Acres‘ in late January of 2020. Featuring Quando Rondo and Yung Bleu, the album primarily focuses on Kahri with seven solo tracks.

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Directed by Jordan Gonzelez, Kahri 1K released the music video for “Trenches” two week ago.


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