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Punching From The Shadows With Glen Sharp | EP.34

Is there a formula for resilience that we can tap into? Glen Sharp helps us answer that question as we try to discover the qualities that comprise greatness, and how one can achieve it.

On episode 34, we welcome boxer and writer Glen Sharp to discuss his boxing career, and the necessity of fear. We also discuss about developing self-love and resilience by focusing on character instead of outcome. We touch on his relationship with hall of fame boxer Yaqui Lopez, focusing on what he learned from him about overcoming failure.

Yaqui Lopez and Glen Sharp
Yaqui Lopez and Glen Sharp

We learn to use and accept fear as a natural part of our lives, finding solace in acknowledging its place in success. The great fighters had a way of overcoming adversity, taking the hits and moving forward despite them. On this episode, our audience learns the secrets of grit.

Punching from the Shadows by Glen Sharp
Punching from the Shadows, Available now on Amazon

Glen Sharp’s boxing career was a rise-and-fall story without so much rise in it. A sparring partner for light-heavyweight Hall of Famer Yaqui Lopez, he “retired” with a record of one victory and two defeats. A decade later, having come to understand how and why he failed as a younger fighter, he attempted a comeback.

“I can’t think of another boxing book out there that gives such an inside look at what it was like to pursue the dream of boxing in the way Glen Sharp did. It is a great read on so many levels. Most of all, it is a very human story. I doubt there are many who will not be able to relate to some portions of Sharp’s book. I know I did.” – Bobby Franklin for

Told with heart and wit, his memoir is a treatise on boxing as both profession and purpose. Sharp uses economic theory to describe the sweet science as a case study in resource management while recounting his own struggle to win fistic glory and his father’s admiration.

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