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Producer Shows Proof Faith Evans Lied About Tupac

“We believe Tupac’s version of the story that he did have sex with Faith Evans”- Delray Richardson

Previously, platinum-selling songwriter and producer Delray Richardson had spoken to The Art Of Dialogue about the claims made by Faith Evans. Just last month, Delray claimed that the story told by Faith Evans of Treach introducing Tupac to Faith in a club was lies. Lies because Delray had seen Tupac talking to Faith Evans before going into the club.

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Fact Checking Faith Evans

This new leaked fascinating tell-all interview has Delray investigate Faith Evans’s book, titled ‘Keep the Faith: A Memoir’. The book details her personal experience with Tupac and her time around Bad Boy Records.

Inspired by the memoir ‘A Million Little Pieces’ by James Frey, Delray researched Faith’s book and found discrepancies. His main objective was to separate fact from fiction and most importantly give Tupac fans clarity.

Tupac and Faith recorded together on the song ‘Wonda Why They Call U Bitch’ on October 19th 1995 and they agreed to pay her $25,000 for the studio session.

Back in June 1996, Faith said that she never went in the studio with Tupac. However, appearing as a guest on Drink Champs in July 2018, Faith seemed to state the opposite. On that episode of Drink Champs, Faith accuses Tupac of withholding her check from the recording session. She even claimed that he wanted her to perform oral sex on him if she wanted the check.

In her book, she quotes ‘Pac as saying; “The situation with the money is like this. If I give it to you, then you my bitch.”

Delray also sheds light on Tupac’s well-publicized claim of having sexual relations with Faith Evans. On the completion of ‘Wonda Why They Call U Bitch’ on October 19th, Faith visited the Peninsula Hotel where ‘Pac was staying. According to the songwriter, he knows this as fact because rappers Dru Down and Big Syke witnessed Faith going into Tupac’s hotel room.

Speaking to The Art Of Dialogue, Delray says, “We believe Tupac’s version of the story that he did have sex with Faith Evans. After his death, Faith Evans attempted to capitalize on that truth. She ended up denying it and making solicit allegations against Tupac that have now been proven to be untrue.”


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