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Producer Rick Rock On Working With Tupac

Producer Rick Rock recently spoke about how he was present at the recordings of Tradin’ War Stories and Hit em Up.

In his career, Rick Rock has worked with artists such as Snoop Dogg, E-40 and Bone Thugs. In early June, the legendary West Coast producer talks with Murder Master Music Studio about working with Tupac.

Rick Rock
Tradin’ War Stories Producer Rick Rock

He reflected on how Tupac’s energy spread throughout the studio and how he made the atmosphere. Rick produced the instrumental for Tradin’ War Stories from the 1996 double album, All Eyez On Me. Once ‘Pac heard the instrumental, he immediately wrote his lyrics in a matter of minutes!


In another session he witnessed, the Outlawz came into the studio relaying information to Tupac from the streets and the industry. This inspired ‘Pac to get into the booth and lay down what is now called the greatest diss track of all time, Hit em Up.

Rick Rock Witnesses Hit em Up Session

Speaking on the Hit em Up studio session, Rick remembers how ‘Pac would leave mistakes in because that’s the way he recorded the track.


“There’s some part where his mic distorts, that just happened on accident. He was like, just keep that shit like that. All these weird moments after the Soul Train awards. It was right after a confrontation at the Soul Train awards with ‘Pac and Biggie. They came back to CanAm and me and Mike Mosely was still working on a beat for him. He came in, Left Eye was there, Goodie Mob was up in there. That shit is coming back to me! This n***a had Left Eye sitting right here, chilling with the hoodie on!”


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