Pre-Order PS5 Console, NBA 2K21 And Accessories Now!

It has been officially announced, the PlayStation 5 is coming this fall. Pre-order PS5 before it is too late and stores are sold out. Accessories and games are available now for pre order.

With an official date of November 12, the PS5 will be available in two different versions. The digital-only version for $400 and the Blu-ray version for $500. Regardless of which version you decide to go with, the PS5 is projected to be sold out with a lengthy waiting list to follow.

Various retailers have already allowed gamers to pre-order the Playstation 5, but that has led to their web site crashing.

Pre-order PS5 Console, NBA 2K21 And Accessories Now!

Where can I pre-order the PS5?

Currently your best option to pre-order the PS5 is with Best Buy. Along with the different versions of the PlayStation 5, Best Buy also has accessories such as headset and controller for pre-order.

Other accessories are also available for pre-order. Charging station, media remote. HD camera, and various games including NBA 2K21 Standard Edition. (Also view: NBA 2K21 Shooting Hotfix Update Is Now Available!)

Pre-order PS5 NBA 2K21 and receive:

  • 5K VC + 5K MT
  • 9x MyPlayer Boosts
  • 5x Shoe Collection
  • 10x Weekly Pack Drops
  • Plus Zion Williamson Digital Collection

PlayStation 5 Console Giveaway

Earlier in the month of September Twitter account PS5Console (not affiliated with Sony PlayStation) announced they will be giving away a free PS5 up on release. To enter the giveaway you must do the following:

  1. Follow @PS5Console
  2. RT this tweet
  3. Turn on notifications
  4. Get Over 30 Extra Entries here >


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