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Pre-Order Life Is Raw: The Story of a Reformed Outlaw, 20% Off Discount

After announcing their new deal with DIO Press back in August, Mutah ‘Napoleon’ Beale and author Sulaiman Jenkins took to IG Live on Friday (September 18) giving readers the green light to officially pre-order Life Is Raw: The Story of a Reformed Outlaw.

The auto/biography takes an in-depth look at the life of Napoleon, the former member of Tupac Shakur’s Outlawz. It will take the reader on an incredible journey through a life of success, death, drugs, alcohol and violence.

Life Is Raw written by Sulaiman Jenkins

Readers can take advantage of the pre-order discount by applying the promo code LifeIsRaw at checkout for a 20% discount on all formats. The discount will only be available for the pre-order stage. When the book is officially released, it will be released on all major outlets (e.g., Amazon, B&N, Lulu, etc.) at the regular price.


For those who pre-ordered from Amazon in July, can take advantage of a special 40% discount. All you have to do is send an email to [email protected] with a copy of your receipt to take advantage of a 40% discount. A special promo code will be sent to you after receiving this information.

Pre-Order Life Is Raw: The Story of a Reformed Outlaw, 20% Off Discount

Author Sulaiman Jenkins main object aside from telling Mutah’s story, was to ensure the book would relate and touch a broad audience.

“As an author… you have to imagine who’s going to be reading your piece. Who’s the audience? Who are you writing this towards? So, I wanted to make the audience as broad as possible, because yea, Mutah is African American, I’m African American; he’s Muslim, I’m Muslim; yea he’s in rap, I listen to rap; but we wanted, I wanted, the book to reach more people than that; that’s not the only audience,” Suliman said during his interview with Leon and Alen on Seize The Moment Podcast. “His story is a human story at the end of the day, so I wanted to touch any human that could read it, regardless of race, color, creed, religion, whatever.”

For Leon Garber, a licensed Mental Health Counselor/Psychotherapist, author Jenkins objective was met. “As with any good book, you get to discover yourself within its pages; although, I think that I found too much of myself in it,” said Leon in his book review of Life is Raw. “It paints images of Napoleon’s resilient spirit and Tupac’s unshakable humanity, providing the reader with peaks into the minds of men whose deeds were often only partially portrayed in the mainstream media.”

Life is RAW features intriguing stories involving hip hop’s most recognizable legends including The Notorious B.I.G., Ice Cube, Nas, Fat Joe, Kurupt and many others. The book presents an authentic, well-documented narrative that includes over 150 research sources and features exclusive interviews from countless friends, family members and industry icons such as Steve Lobel, Young Noble (Outlawz), Storm, H-Ryda, Wack Deuce, Trey Lane, and many more.

Tupac, Outlawz, Big Syke (Photo by Chi Modu)
Tupac, Outlawz, Big Syke (Photo by Chi Modu)

The book will undoubtedly serve as an important relic for hip hop history and culture. A powerfully meaningful foreword from Professor Awad Ibrahim (with an insightful and comprehensive Afterword by Dr. Othman Barnawi) sets the stage to prepare for the incredible journey of the life of Mutah Beale. With reflection and introspection, Life is Raw is sure to change your perspective on life forever.

Pre-order Life Is Raw here.


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