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Pre Holiday Sale – Hope Dealer 2 (For A Limited Time)

Holiday season is upon us and so is your last chance to own a piece of history via a special pre holiday sale. EDIDON’s deluxe edition of his second studio album, The Hope Dealer Part 2. This must have collectible, is only available as a hard copy and is autographed by EDIDON.

For a limited time only, the pre holiday sale is available by clicking here. Hope Dealer, Part 2 autographed deluxe edition is now $39.99 and features three bonus songs.

EDIDON live in Nepal, Photo by LOD
EDIDON live in Nepal, Photo by LOD

First 14 songs remain the same as heard on the digital version. Featuring classics such as Dreams and Money Ain’t Enough. “I don’t want it all, I just need mine, if time is money, then every second, every dime,” EDI on the hook for Money Ain’t Enough.

the hope dealer
THD2 Deluxe Edition Front & Back Cover

Dreams, the first single off the album is produced by Aceman. An instant hit which is something we come to expect from EDI and Aktual. “I’ve been knowing Aktual for a very long time now. We met in 2005 at a musical equipment store and he gave me some tracks and ended up doing some engineering for us. Then one day he said big bro I sing too, we went to the studio and cut a record called Haters get cho Paper f/Crooked I and the rest was history,” EDI speaking of Aktual.

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Bonus songs on The Hope Dealer 2 Deluxe Edition

  • 96 – Many recall the song which was played during the Vegas scene in the Tupac biopic, All Eyez On Me. 96 produced by LT Hutton features Outlawz member Young Noble.
  • Hold Me Down – Features EZ and Noah, with production by Beatfella.
  • No More Tears – Produced by EDI, the song features Mistah F.A.B, Thug Angles and NefuLarock.


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