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Pop Smoke: Tekashi Tried To Mix Street With The Internet

Talks New Mixtape, NY Rap Scene, Bobby Shmurda

Coming from Brooklyn, New York Pop Smoke talks the current state of Hip Hop in New York. “I love that sh*t

The twenty year old sat down with Real 92.3 LA, where he spoke about various of topics. Including the meaning of his name, Pop Smoke, “Just gotta move militant in these streets. You gotta know how to counter. Know how to move. Pop. Smoke. There’s only one.”

When it comes to his influences in the game, New York is heavy on the list. “I like 50. I like Drake, DMX, Meek Mill, Jay-Z, Pusha T, Nicki, Cardi.” These are also artists he would one day love to work with as well.

When asked about Tekashi 69 and if his representation of NY, Pop Smoke believes no one can take away the success that 69 had. “To be honest homie, before homie start snitching and sh*t, son was doing his thing. Son was doing his thing. That’s all I can say. Son was doing his thing. Besides the snitching sh*t. He was doing his thing. Ni**as can’t take that from the homie.”

“Now I don’t think he was a real street ni**a, you feel me. And I feel that’s where people f**ked up by portraying, making people, making him portray that sh*t.”

“I think he was trying to be something that he really didn’t understand. Of course it got him rich, but then when you mix the street shit with the internet. Something that Pop Smoke feels was one of Tekashi’s biggest mistakes. “I think he f**ked up by trying to mix that super street sh*t with the internet and he got caught up.”

Pop isn’t a fan of the internet beefing period, “We’re not gonna beef on the internet. We’re not gonna talk to much on the internet, because people watching you.”

Pop Smoke is also set to drop his new mixtape which he says, “you gonna feel the energy”. With a very distinct sound, listerners can expect the vibe off the new mixtape to be “A whole lot of aggression. A whole lot of fashion,” according to Pop Smoke

Pop Smoke also talks Bobby Shmurda, who says, “that’s family.” Although he hasn’t spoke to Bobby Shmurda directly, Pop Smoke has nothing but love for Bobby Shmurda. “We come from the same playground”.


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