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Polo G ‘Wishing For A Hero’ Inspired By Tupac Shakur

Hip Hop artist Polo G releases ‘Wishing For A Hero’, inspired by Tupac Shakur’s ‘Changes’ and Bruce Hornsby’s ‘The Way It Is’.

Featured on his sophomore album ‘The Goat’, Polo G latest single ‘Wishing For A Hero’ utters similar painful topics still faced till this day, as it was addressed by Tupac Shakur on the hit single ‘Changes’ in 1998.

“The government cuttin’ checks, but can’t cut a (brother) some slack / It’s hard to get a job, so we hustle and flip a pack / It’s all a set-up, no wonder why they call this (b) a trap / Life was messed up, a matter of time ’til that (brother) snap / Post-traumatic stress, so them triggers keep gettin’ tapped / R.I.P. Malcolm, I promise to conquer and fill them gaps / Them corners leave a (brother) boxed in, tryna break free / Crazy how I love the same block that tried to break me,” raps the Columbia artist.

Polo G expresses the pain in one verse, as a oppose to the three verses rapped by Tupac Shakur. Regardless, the message is loud and clear — It’s just the way it is.

“I see no changes, all I see is racist faces / Misplaced hate makes disgrace to races / We under, I wonder what it takes to make this / One better place, let’s erase the wasted,” Tupac kicks off ‘Changes’.

Changes quickly became a hit, and helped Tupac’s ‘Greatest Hits’ double album to reach Diamond status with over 10 million units sold.

Similar to Shakur, the Chicago native’s artistic style portraying such pain throughout his music has resulted in a successful album with ‘The Goat’. Earning a top 10 spot on Hot 100, and easily becoming his highest-charting project to date.

Each line is rendered in careful, writerly fashion, his voice barely produced and almost never doubled, so there is often little to distinguish chorus from verse.

Paul A. Thompson reviews The Goat (Pitchfork.com)

While Polo G’s ‘Wishing For A Hero’ pulled from Tupac’s ‘Changes’, both hit singles sampled Bruce Hornsby & The Range’s ‘The Way It Is’. The 1987 released hit referenced the Civil Rights Movement, touched on social issues, and showcased the divide between the rich and poor. All with the message that more is needed.

“Said, ‘Hey little boy you can’t go
Where the others go
Cause you don’t look like they do’
Said, ‘Hey, old man how can you stand
To think that way Did you really think about it
Before you made the rules?’
He said, ‘Son
That’s just the way it is,” Bruce sings on ‘The Way It Is’.


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