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Poetic Justice To Be Released On Blu-Ray

“You Wanna Smell My Punnai”

Last week, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment announced that they are going to be releasing the 1993 movie Poetic Justice, staring Tupac Shakur and Janet Jackson, on Blu-ray February 5th next year.

Directed by John Singleton, Poetic Justice tells the story of hairdresser, Justice, grieving after her boyfriend was murdered. She then turns to writing poetry to deal with her loss. When she is unable to get to Oakland to attend a convention because her car had broken down, Justice, played by Janet Jackson, gets a lift with her good friend Iesha. Iesha played by Regina King along with Iesha’s postman boyfriend Chicago.

poetic justice
Lucky and Justice have a heart to heart

Coming along for the ride with the trio is Chicago’s co-worker Lucky, Tupac’s character. After some initial problems Justice grows close to Lucky. Only to then have a keen liking for each other but is Justice ready to open her heart again?

Poetic Justice Blu-ray Cover
Poetic Justice Blu-ray Cover

The Blu-ray release of Poetic Justice, which celebrated its 25 year anniversary of its release this year. Loaded with all-new bonus content including 10 never seen before deleted and extended scenes. Also a new interview with director John Singleton and a look at Tupac and Janet Jackson’s original screen test. It will also come with Director Commentary and the original Theatrical Trailer.

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Sony Blu-Ray Releases

Along with the release of Poetic Justice, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment are releasing the 1995 movie Higher Learning onto Blu-ray. Higher Learning is another movie directed by John Singleton. The movie stars Omar Epps, Kristy Swanson and Michael Rapport. The Blu-ray will also have Director Commentary and a Theatrical Trailer.

Both Poetic Justice and Higher Learning will be available on Blu-ray from February 5th 2019 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. You can also Pre-Order Poetic Justice On Blu-Ray

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