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Platinum Songwriter Shows Proof Faith Evans Lied About Tupac!

Lifetime’s ‘Hopelessly In Love‘, episode featuring Faith Evans and Biggie Smalls aired on Friday January 10. This has once again reopened the question of what really happened between Faith and Tupac?

The episode focused on the turbulent relationship between Biggie Smalls and Faith Evans. Fans saw some of their stories played out in the 2009 Biggie biopic, ‘Notorious’. But this tell all documentary style episode goes more in-depth. Touching on Biggie Smalls affairs with Lil’ Kim and Charli Baltimore. Aside from the infidelity issues, the episode included the beef with Tupac Shakur.

On the episode Faith Evans went on to explain how she met Tupac and why she ended up recording a song for him. “Tupac told me he was a big fan, and that he heard my music when he was locked up. And, that he would like to do a record with me one day,” Faith Evans tells Lifetime producers. According to Faith she was pleasantly surprised, and would exchange contact information with Tupac.

tupac and faith evans

Faith Evans claims Tupac would then negotiate a deal where she would be paid $25,000 for recording a song with him. Faith would be responsible for writing and singing the hook. “I needed the 25K,” says Faith.

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At this point Faith Evans told Biggie about the offer from Tupac. Biggie didn’t have a problem with it, according to Faith. Faith Evans claims Tupac would pick her up, and took Faith to the studio. Faith did not realize it was the Death Row studio that she was heading to until she got there and saw Suge Knight. “All of a sudden I realized like what the f***! This is the Death Row studios,” explains Faith Evans.

Faith completed her part of the deal and recorded the hook for ‘Wonda Why They Call U B____‘. According to Evans she never got paid for the song, claiming Tupac wanted her to perform oral sex on him. Faith said did not agree to perform oral sex and left without being paid $25,000.

Since 1995, Faith Evans has written a book and has been interviewed by various media outlets such as Drink Champs. Songwriter Delray Richardson who worked with Tupac, and was there when Tupac and Faith spoke outside the Hollywood Athletic club, states that Faith Evans is a liar.

In a YouTube video, Delray fact checks Faith Evans on her lies she stated about Tupac throughout her book ‘Keep The Faith: A Memoir’. One of those lies Delray exposes, is the date when Tupac and Faith record ‘Wonda Why They Call U B****’.

Platinum Songwriter Shows Proof Faith Evans Lied About Tupac!
Delray Richardson

Faith Evans claims she recorded the song with Tupac on November 14, 1995, after the ‘Waiting To Exhale’ movie release party. This couldn’t be possible because as Delray explains, Tupac was interviewed by Chuck Phillips while Faith and Tupac recorded the song together.

At the start of that interview, Chuck Phillips can be heard clearly that the interview was taken place on October 19, 1995.

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After the release of the Lifetime episode, Delray took to Instagram to make his case once again. “@2pac, Faith Evans and how Faith’s book of lie’s actually revealed Tupac’s candid Truth. Faith Evans alleged Tupac “Request for Sexual Favors” story that didn’t happen. And how the 26 days in between October 19 and November 14th prove that it didn’t happen. Dates, Interviews, Pictures and the unrefuted Timeline that finally annihilate Faith Evans story and prove Tupac was just being honest.”


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