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Piers Morgan Reveals Classic 50 Cent Song That Pumps Him Up

Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan recently revealed that a classic 50 Cent song always pumps him up for the day.

Piers Morgan, 55, fronts one of the UK’s leading breakfast programs, Good Morning Britain. Famous for his argumentative, head-on, no-nonsense approach to issues, Piers gets the nation talking. Appearing on his Good Morning Britain colleague Charlotte Hawkins podcast, Last, Past and Blast, Piers let out his secret to becoming “pumped up” on the early mornings.

Piers Morgan Reveals Classic 50 Cent Song That Pumps Him Up

Talking to Charlotte, Piers Morgan reveals that the Dr Dre produced hit, In Da Club, was his power punch. “I quite often put it on when I’m having a shower and getting worked up for the day. As soon as I hear that music, I’m ready to go. The minute I hear it, In Da Club anywhere around the world, I’m ready to go.”


Interviewing the Queens-born rapper numerous times, Piers famously let out his love for 50 Cent’s music live on air. On a March 2019 episode of GMB, after hearing In Da Club play on a charity danceathon, Piers couldn’t contain himself. Telling the producers to turn the music up, he proceeded to dance along to the Hip Hop classic.

Earlier this week, Piers Morgan went on the attack against an old enemy of 50 Cent, Kanye West. With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the UK increased restrictions recently to combat the spread of the virus. The current UK government guidelines make it compulsory for those arriving from the US to self-isolate for two weeks. Kanye landed in London last Friday to attend the Bottega Veneta fashion show at Sadler’s Wells Theatre. Following the event, he paraded the streets of London.

As a result of finding this out, Piers Morgan hit the roof, sending him into one of his famous rants. He said: “It’s a disgrace that Kanye West can walk around London with no quarantine when everybody else has to quarantine. Who does he think he is?”

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