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Photographer T. Eric Monroe Recalls Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s Multiple Characters

Legendary photographer T. Eric Monroe appeared on Hip Hop XXIV‘s Heart Of An Outlaw Show where he spoke about Ol’ Dirty Bastard.

As seen throughout Monroe’s Rare & Unseen Moments of 90s Hip Hop: Collector’s Edition book, the photographer has worked with the likes of Biggie Smalls, Tupac Shakur, and Lauryn Hill to name a few. This fascinating resume has given Monroe the opportunity to retell countless stories.

One of those priceless stories involves the late Wu-Tang Clan member Ol’ Dirty Bastard, who Monroe had the pleasure of capturing with his camera back in the 90s. The Jersey born photographer recalls riding along with O.D.B. as they headed to a barber shop in Harlem. That is where Monroe started to realize the genius that was O.D.B. and the methods to his madness, or rather “craziness”.

Ol' Dirty Bastard by T. Eric Monroe
T. Eric Monroe (@tdoteric)

“At the very end when he’s cleaned up and looking clean, he gets out his glasses and gives me the Ol’ Dirty Bastard pose,” Monroe explains in part two of his interview with H.O.A. Show. “In his mind he already knew his shots. He’s a very smart dude.”

A smart individual indeed. Calculated, but not crazy as Busta Rhymes once suggested during his 2020 interview with Drink Champs. Busta who was a close friend to Ol’ Dirty Bastard also understood the genius behind the character that was O.D.B.

Without much of a conversation Monroe and O.D.B. connected creatively and both understood the art of photography. But more importantly understanding the character that was Ol’ Dirty Bastard. Monroe also went on to recall the time when the New York rapper broke out of character. Taking back by the unexpected moment, Monroe’s account of the story is must see. Watch the full clip below.

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