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Philosopher Hiram Crespo Talks Epicurus, Living A Good Life

On episode 45, we welcome philosopher Hiram Crespo to discuss the philosophy of Epicurus.

Epicurus taught that pleasure was good and pain was bad. Hiram provided us with a deeper understanding of pleasure, which incorporated a meaning to life (outside of short-term gratification) and other people’s pain.

Friendship gives Epicureans a foundation for well-being, helping us form intimate bonds that make life worth living. At the center of its philosophy are people and their relationships, which increase pleasure, and, thus, happiness.

Philosopher Hiram Crespo Talks Epicurus, Living A Good Life

Special guest Hiram Crespo also talks using the hedonic calculus to form moral judgments, the importance of friendships for our happiness and growth, and creating a society that factors in the changing labor market.

Hiram is a freelance translator, blogger (The Autarkist), philosopher, and author whose philosophical and opinion pieces have been featured in The Humanist, El Nuevo Día,, Partially Examined Life, and several other publications.

He is the author of the book, Tending the Epicurean Garden and he contributed the Epicureanism chapter in the book How to Live a Good Life.

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Philosopher Hiram Crespo


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