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Pacman Da Gunman Plus Trista Mikail, Mannchester, Cheyenne Lavene

Model Of The Week

Idaho native Trista Mikail (@tristamikail) is our Model Of The Week. Trista speaks on the benefits of being in Los Angeles. The connections she has built. “For me it’s been about connection with people in this industry. It’s been great to be in L.A. and actually like be able to connect with people who are going to get you further in this industry,” explains Trista.

A major contrast from her hometown of Idaho where as Trista Mikail explains there isn’t much for models. This holds true, given the fact that her modeling career did not start in Idaho but rather in Los Angeles.

Trista knew from early on modeling is what she wanted to do. What she didn’t know is how the industry really was. A wake up call came when she moved to L.A. “Honestly coming from Idaho, I was really naive. So, when I moved here, I was like whoa this industry is a lot more aggressive than I thought. Even like with photographers and stuff, like you never who is trying to get with you.


Although some these experiences can be unconformable at times, Trista has also connected with many great people in the industry. “Just depends who you know, you working with. As long as you do your research before like going to photo shoots and stuff. Like really check our their portfolio and profiles on Instagram also and doing some research you’ll be fine,” says Trista.

GSE Talent

Trista Mikail is also co-owner and ambassador of GSE Talent. GSE was established in 2012 as an events enterprise, geared towards helping photographers and models hone their talents by producing quality, networking workshops across California. Follow GSE on Instagram.

Trista also speaks on her goal of becoming a Guess girl, why that is a her number one goal, modeling for Maximum, Playboy and how she met crybaby photographer and much more.

Independent Artist Of The Week

Dough Networkz comes through again with another artist. This time an artist by the name of Mannchester.

Mannchester speaks about his time being locked up. “The prison is a microcosm of the streets. Only different is the woman. Ain’t no woman. You still got your shady individuals. You got your good dudes. Dudes that striving. You got dudes that just striving to be ignorant,” explains Mannchester.

For Mannchester is was all about being around those who were positive, “It’s all about who you surround yourself with.”

Next up is Grammy nominated Cheyenne Lavene. The Jersey native talks her new single ‘Runaway’ and growing up in New Jersey. Although at times she would come across negative situations in Jersey, there was also many creative opportunities.

When it comes to her new single ‘Runaway’, Cheyenne inspiration came from those of her own experiences and experiences from others. “It was just me being real and expressing it. The track kinda let me to it,” says Cheyenne.

Cheyenne also talks about being Grammy nominated for her vocals on Dr. Dre Compton album. She explains how her connection with Dr. Dre came about, what’s next in her career, and new EP.

All Money In Is In The Building

Pacman Da Gunman finally comes through The Dinner Club after originally being scheduled to appear the Monday after Nipsey Hussel’s unfortunate passing.

The All Money In artist, talks about his music and what does the music he creates means to him. “It’s a lifestyle right now. Because if you pay attention to the music, my projects you’ll hear what I was going through in life,” says Pacman.

We also talk the expectations for an artist from All Money In, if there is pressure to follow Nipsey Hussle’s foot steps, new project dropping May 31st and August 10th.


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