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Over 2 Million Agree To Change NBA Logo In Honor Of Kobe Bryant

Millions have signed an online petition with the hopes of having the current NBA logo changed in honor of the late great Kobe Bryant.

Created by user Nick M., the petition reads, “With the untimely and unexpected passing of the great Kobe Bryant please sign this petition in an attempt to immortalize him forever as the new NBA Logo.” Sign the petition here.

Over 2 Million Agree To Change NBA Logo In Honor Of Kobe Bryant

The current NBA logo is ironically that of a Los Angeles Laker legend in Jerry West. It has been the league’s logo for over 50 years now.

The logo which has Kobe Bryant was created by Tyson Beck (@tysonbeck) has been well received. Regardless if an exact photo of Kobe or a silhouette were to be used if changed, many high profile celebrities are in full support.

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Over 2 million people have signed the petition to have the NBA logo updated to reflect Kobe Bryant. To me it would be a fitting and rightfully deserved tribute to make the change. Jerry West, who is the current logo, has previously stated it’s embarrassing that he is still the logo and wishes it would be changed. Jerry was the person who drafted (traded) Kobe, he was the person who believed in him when others didn’t. Kobe is everything that represents what basketball truly stands for, he is the modern day global ambassador of the game. The reason why I would chose a dribbling pose over a fadeaway or dunk silhouette is that the change is minimal, respectful and something all fans could be happy with as respectfully the NBA is larger than Just one person so the logo shouldn’t represent one. This would leave the logo of more of an update/refresh than something completely new. Please make the change @NBA @adamsilvernba ❤️ Click the link in my bio to sign the petition. Petition creator: @thetyvonfettuccine – Design: @tysonbeck – unfortunately I’m seeing this artwork I’ve created spread like crazy but taken by others who are saying they created it and even worse it’s being illegally sold all over the internet and I’ve received messages stating that I’m selling it. I want to put out a statement that I’ve never sold this piece nor have I sold any of my artwork online, I don’t even have a store and my followers would know I’ve never once linked my artwork to be able to be purchased. I do personal work for the love and client work to put a roof over my wife and daughters head and food on the table. If you see anyone selling any work of my Kobe related artwork please DM me so I can take action and remove it ❤️

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