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Outlawz’s Napoleon Helped To Set Free Former Bad Boy Artist Loon

Tupac’s Outlawz consisted of 7 members including Shakur. One of those members, Mutah ‘Napoleon’ Beale, played a role in the release of former Bad Boy artist Loon.

Unfortunately for Loon in 2012 his music career came to an end and so did his freedom when he was arrested for allegedly trafficking heroin. In 2013, Loon had plead guilty to conspiracy to distribute one kilogram or more of heroin. The result was a 8-year sentence for the former Bad Boy artist who was featured on Diddy‘s 2002 hit “I Need A Girl“.

Year later and forty-five year old Loon was released after 7-years by U.S. District Judge Terrence Boyle on Wednesday (July 29).

Loon (Scott Gries/Getty Images)

Producer Weldon Angelos who worked with the likes of Snoop Dogg and Tupac Shakur‘s group, once faced the same fate. Angelos was once sentenced to 55 years in prison as he was charged for selling $300 worth of marijuana and possessing a firearm as a juvenile. The 2004 sentence lasted until 2016.

But, it was the help of many who brought attention to Weldon’s case. Napoleon who is no longer in the music industry, a converted Muslim, played a key role. “I hit up the homie Mike Epps to write a letter to the judge regarding Weldons’s unjust sentence, and it was one of the many successful tactics bringing attention to Weldon’s case,” Napoleon told his IG followers.

Part of that tactic was Alicia Keys, U.S. Senator Mike Lee of Utah, Cory Book of NJ, and brothers David and Charles Koch, who all vouched for Weldon. After Weldon’s successful release he created his own criminal justice platform “The Weldon Project“. Using his platform, Weldon would then turn his attention to Loon after Napoleon made him aware about the case in 2018.

“When Napoleon brought the case to my attention, I just helped pass federal criminal justice reform and was working on clemency with the White House and decided to work to get him released that route, which almost happened,” Weldon said via Instagram. Letters were written on behalf of Loon with signatures that included Freeway, Faith Evans, Kevin Garnett, Baby Bash, and Jeremy Meeks.

Mutah “Napoleon” Beale and Weldon Angelos

Although Loon’s case was approved by Trump’s informal clemency committee last February, he was not released. But, this did not stop Weldon’s purse, as he filed a court motion for compassionate release under the First Step Act after the coronavirus outbreak in the prison system. “COVID-19 opened another door to utilize the newly passed compassionate release provision. I spent 4 weeks writing a motion and included the support letters Napoleon and I organized on his behalf,” Weldon explained.

Loon currently suffered from latent tuberculosis which made him a high-risk subject for COVID-19. On July 29, 2020 the court granted the motion and Loon was set free.

Weldon is soon to release his documentary about his life. “This brother gotta crazy story and his documentary about his life will be releasing soon, God willing,” Napoleon said. Napoleon is also prepared to release a porject of his own with his auto/biography titled “Life is Raw: The Story of a Reformed Outlaw” on August 14th.


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