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Outlawz Talk Longevity, Meeting Tupac, Carrying The Torch

Outlawz fist time appearance in Nepal was three months in the making. Not only was it the first time ever the Outlawz performed live in Nepal, but the first time any american hip hop artists graced the stage in Nepal.

Talking to Hometown Beats host Nita, Young Noble said it was an honor to be the first american artists to perform in Nepal. “I heard there it’s never been no big American artists out here to perform. So, he basically said we pretty much the first guys to come do this, so it’s really an honor for us. I think it’s something Tupac would have been real proud of.”

Part of their first time appearance in Nepal, the Outlawz paid tribute to Tupac Shakur, on the 23rd year anniversary of his passing. Hitting the stage and performing many of their classics with Tupac, such as ‘Hail Mary‘ and ‘Breathin’.

Outlawz Talk Longevity, Meeting Tupac, Carrying The Torch
Young Noble performing @ Lord of the Drinks in Nepal

Outlawz experience in Nepal has been nothing but a great experience. The hospitality, to the people of Nepal, has all contributed to the Outlawz feeling welcomed. “The hospitality. We been to a lot of places and this is the place that everyone came up and just gave us all the love. Kept making sure we have everything we need,” explained Jae Synth.

Since Tupac’s passing that Outlawz have been able to give that love right back to their fan base. They have traveled all over the world spreading that Outlaw love, from Germany to South Africa and now to Nepal.

“Continue to feed them music on our own independent label since 2000s, so we been having a strong solid fan base for pretty much twenty years. Every year we consistently give them music,” says Young Noble.

Along with that music has been collaborations with various artists from all over the world, including main stream artists such as Dead Prez and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. Noble gives credit to being consistent as the main ingredient for their longevity in the game.

The Outlawz have been going on strong despite the group only consistent of two members. For Young Noble and EDI Mean, being part of the Outlawz was a result of faith and destiny. “We didn’t choose this, it chose us,” says Noble. “We ain’t choose Thug Life, Thug Life chose us,” added EDI.

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Watch the interview below as the Outlawz talk about their rap names, Tupac biopic, craziest message they’ve ever recieved on social media, and much more.


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