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Outlawz Make History In Nepal, Tribute To Tupac

Outlawz are world wide, and that was on full display with their first time ever appearance in Nepal. Not only did they honor their comrade with their tribute to Tupac Shakur, but also Outlawz became the first American hip hop artists to ever perform in Nepal.

Lately the Outlawz have been apart of many firsts. Last year the Outlawz had their first time ever performance in South Africa. Hitting the stage in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

This time around, the Outlawz went to South Asia to give their fans the performance of a life time. According to EDI, the show itself had “crazy engery”. Lord Of The Drinks hosted the live performance. The brand new Rock Bar and night club, witnessed many in attendance as the Outlawz paid tribute to their comrade, Tupac Shakur.

Outlawz Make History In Nepal, Tribute To Tupac
Outlawz live on stage in L.O.D

With the Outlawz official tour DJ and video director Jae Synth on the 1s and 2s, the Outlawz kicked off the show with ‘Hail Mary‘. Jae Synth would aslo direct Young Noble’s latest music video for ‘King Shit’. The single is now available on young Noble’s fourth studio album ‘3rd Eye View‘.

Young Noble would go on to rap his part of the iconic ‘Hail Mary’ song, “Peep the whole scene and whatever’s goin’ on around me, Brain kind of cloudy, smoked out, feelin’ rowdy.”

This wouldn’t be the first time Noble performed ‘Hail Mary’, but it never gets old for the Outlaw general. “I performed it tons of times. It always feels great. the best feeling was knowing we was making history, being the first hip hop act from America ever to perform in Nepal. Such a historical and spiritual place!”

Jae Synth, Official Outlawz Tour DJ

Outlawz would also perform ‘Secretz of War’, ‘Breathin’ and ‘Real Talk’. The show also saw performances by Manas Ghale, Ktm Souljah, Professor Trix, and Jay Ruckus.

Joining the Outlawz on tour, is Canada’s Deuce Deuce. Deuce Deuce has appeared on various songs with the Outlawz, as well as collaborations album with Young Noble. Their recent project to date is ‘Growth‘ and is available online everywhere.

Deuce Deuce on stage in Nepal

For those wondering if the Outlawz will return to Nepal? Well get ready for the squeal, as a return could be reality in the near future. As Young Noble explains they already got the word, “They already talking about bringing us back, so I guess they really enjoyed it!!!”


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