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Outlawz In Switzerland Leave Fans Blown Away

Swiss hip-hop fans witnessed the Outlawz perform an exclusive show on their soil on Saturday 22nd June.

The weekend before, the legendary hip-hop group appeared at the Encore Fest in Moscow, Russia. After the festival, they traveled to Amsterdam where they mixed work with pleasure. Spreading time evenly between the studio and shooting music videos, the group’s ethos of hard work is always at the forefront.

However, after the week in Amsterdam, it was onto their final destination, Switzerland. This one-off concert took place at the intimate Koller Event Hall in Grenchen, giving fans an up close and personal view of the Outlawz in Switzerland. This amazing footage below from the evening was captured by Tell Africans.

Playing through all their classics, the Outlawz wowed the audience. Hail Mary, Baby Don’t Cry and All About U were all performed. The crowd certainly enjoyed every moment, rapping along to the lyrics.

In addition, after the show, Young Noble spoke with news site Tell Africans about the Swiss crowd. He maybe hinted at another return to Africa later this year.

Reaction To Outlawz In Switzerland

Lazarpodrum – Video Creator @lazarpodrum

Outlawz in Switzerland
Videographer Lazarpodrum with T.O. and Young Noble

A dream came true, as we’ve waited so long to finally see the Outlawz!! The wait was definitely worth it as they delivered a great show. Yesterday, we could feel pure hip-hop in the atmosphere. A great experience for every Tupac and Outlawz fan that I will never forget, we are infinitely grateful for that. We’re hoping that we will get another visit from the Outlawz!

T.O. @demajfatos

Outlawz in Switzerland
T.O. with Young Noble

My top songs from the evening were Hail Mary and All Eyez on Me. I had real good fun watching the Outlawz!

Afro Hesse – Underground rapper @afro_hesse

Outlawz in Switzerland
Afro Hesse with Young Noble & EDIDon

For me, it’s the best to see these guys in Switzerland. The s*** was awesome with the energy like Tupac was on stage! People screaming like ‘Pac was there, big energy! Outlawz rocked the s***, I’ve never seen a show like this before, Outlawz baby!

DJ ICE CAP @dj_ice_cap

DJ ICE CAP with the Outlawz

First of all, it was a strong feeling after 3 years to meet the Outlawz again. It was an amazing performance. Best moment for me was a 17-year-old girl in the audience she was rapping the whole lyrics of “Hit em up” into Young Noble microphone. It was a good feeling to see that there is still a young generation celebrating hip hop from that era !!! Dj ICE CAP OUTLAW SOLDIER 4 LIFE


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