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Outlawz Encore Fest In Moscow [Video] Plus Fan Reactions

For Hip Hop fans in Russia, Saturday night was special, as the Outlawz performed at the Encore Fest in Moscow.

On the eve of Tupac Shakur’s 48th birthday, the Outlawz were in town to party! This is the third visit to Moscow for them and the locals turned out in great numbers.

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They kicked off with the classic ‘Hail Mary‘ which had the crowd reciting all of the words. After that, they moved through classic Tupac Outlawz tracks, including Secretz of War, Breathin and All About U.

Outlawz Encore Fest In Moscow

After a slight glitch with a microphone that left the Russian crowd wanting more, Outlawz closed the show with Hit Em Up.

Deuce Deuce was on hand supporting the legendary group and enjoying the love that the crowd had for them. He described to social media that Russia is beautiful and commented on the architecture.

Outlawz Encore Fest In Moscow

Reaction To The Outlawz Performance In Moscow

We spoke to members of the overjoyed audience about the Outlawz performance.


The concert was short, but it was unbelievable. I can’t find the words to explain how it was. Outlawz are big legends to me. We’re fans of ‘Pac and Outlawz from childhood, so it was an honor to shake hands with them.
I’m hoping in the future they’ll come to Georgia (not the state, it’s a country near Russia). Here you will find a lot of people who grew up on their tracks.
Respect to them!

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Outlawz moscow
Sandro with the Outlawz

Serega Smoke

It was a wonderful concert on the eve of Tupac’s Birthday, a great gift for all Russian fans. Of course, everyone expected them to do Tupac tracks together and they did not disappoint and performed a lot of tracks from the joint album “Still I rise”. It makes no sense to list these tracks, you already know them all. Young Noble, EDIDon and their aides on the stage did exactly what they’d expected to do and even better!

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