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Outlawz Classic Collabz Volume 1 & 2 Available Now

Blessed to have been going on strong for 20 plus years, Outlawz have also been able to collaborate with many talented artists.

For years we’ve known the Oultawz have appeared on many records alongside Tupac Shakur. Records that have gone to push millions of units all over the world. Despite all they have endured throughout the years and renaming independent, Outlawz have garnered the respect of their peers.

That mutual respect had led to many collaborations. Collaborations that include the likes of Young Buck, Jaime foxx, Trae Tha Truth, Crooked I, Translee and many more. Many of these collaborations have left us with classics and also multiple collaborations with the very same artist.

With that being said Outlawz are set to release two collaboration projects. Outlawz Collabz Volume 1 and Volume 2. Both volumes are available online everywhere. iTunes | Google

As we await the album release dates lets take a look at some of Outlawz collabos over the past years.

Young Buck

Young Buck by far has recorded the most songs with the Outlawz, outside of Tupac Shakur. From appearing on each others projects to having multiple music videos with one another.

Young Buck and the Oultawz chemistry led them to work alongside Snoop Dogg. This collaborations would deliver the classic song ‘Driving Down The Freeway’.


Yukmouth has been collaborating with the Outlawz since early on. Not only has Yukmouth worked with the Outlawz but also had been in the studio with Tupac. At the time Tupac had a vision for the One Nation album. An album that Tupac wanted the Luniz a part of.

After Tupac’s departure, Yukmouth and the Outlawz released the song ‘Still Ballin’. Since than Yukmouth has continued his relationship with the Outlawz. Recently Young Noble was featured on the Luniz ‘One Nation‘ song. The song sampled Tupac’s Hail Mary beat.


Very rarely do we get dream collaborations. Especially in hip hop and especially with hip hop groups. This was the case with Onyx. Oynx have been working with the Outlawz for quite some time now.

Their recent pairing in 2014 came with DJ Kay Slay. Featured on ‘The Last Hip Hop Disciple’ mixtape. Outlawz and Onyx delivered the song ‘My Brother’s Keeper’.

These are only few of many artists that will be featured on the Classic Collabz albums. Snoop Dogg, J Holiday, Bun B, Trae Tha Truth, T.I and many more.


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