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Outlawz, 2Pac, Mutulu Shakur On Nipsey Hussle Tragic Passing

After the tragic lost of Hip Hop artist and activist Nipsey Hussle, many have expressed their respect for him. The Outlawz voiced their thoughts and angry, echoing what millions are feeling. Outlawz traveled and performed with Nipsey in 2012 and most recently in 2018 at the Welcome To The West Festival.

Young Noble

Young Noble via his Instagram account captioned the photo of himself, EDI and Nipsey. Mannnnnnnnnn I’m so sick of this (ishh)!!! BLACK PEOPLE we gotta do better!! Rest in Paradise King Nipsey!!! Met this dude in 2012 we took him overseas with us to do a concert it was nothing but luv for him.


Many throughout the internet feel as the death of Nipsey Hussle was a conspiracy. Theory of the government taking his life because of his uplifting spirit. EDI wasn’t buying it. Expressing on twitter of us taking more responsibility for our actions.

Mutulu Shakur

Mutulu Shakur, step father of Tupac Shakur gave a powerful message via his twitter account. “I didn’t know ya. But I Know you. Heard you and my son “International”. Felt your dream worldwide.” International was a song Nipsey Hussle was featured on Tupac’s Pac’s Life album. (More on Tupac Nipsey Hussle Collaboration On Pac’s Life) Mutulu continues, “For us watch you drive to that end. Sorry so sorry you didn’t. But your dream will prevent nightmares.”


The official Tupac Instagram account would also post a positive and strong message for all. Stating, “Until we learn from his life and replace his efforts, we will be weaker without him.

Mutah Beale

Napoleon, former member of the Outlawz gave his thoughts about jealous and hate. Napoleon explains why people who always wonder why when one becomes successful they never return back to their hood.


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