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Outlaw Immortalz TV Mini Series In the Works

The Outlawz Story Will Finally Be Told

In 1995 while in prison for sexual assault, future Hip-Hop Icon Tupac Shakur sat in a cell feeling like a real life ‘Outlaw’. Just weeks prior, he had been shot and robbed in a N.Y.C recording studio. In his mind, wrongfully convicted of a crime. Yet his spirit remained intact and he had plans. Big plans. One of them included forming a Rap super-group, with him as it’s leader, strong enough and “dope” enough to set the game on fire. 20 plus years later, the 2pac tale has been told and told again. But whatever happened to that “super-group” he was in the beginning stages of molding?

Young Noble, EDI DON
Young Noble, EDI DON

Actually that story is one of the most poignant sagas of pain, lost, love and triumph that the world has yet to know. 1 platinum album, years of touring, as they say spreading the “Ghetto Gospel” Shakur personified. Also two group members early deaths. Two others retired, with one of those two converting to Islam and moving to Saudi Arabia. Also, with the 2 remaining active members mission to carry the torch “Against all odds”.

Mutah Napoleon Beale
Mutah Napoleon Beale

The wait is over. “Outlaw Immortalz” based on a true story, takes the viewer on an emotional roller coaster ride starting on the east coast streets of New York and New Jersey, all through the wicked hoods in Los Angeles and way across seas to Europe. Outlaw Immortalz executive produced by Young noble, EDI DON and Napoleon is Coming soon! Stay Tuned for More info.

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