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Orlando Anderson Tried To Sue Tupac, Death Row After Vegas Fight

Speaking with Cam Capone News, Reggie Wright Jr revealed that Orlando Anderson tried to sue Tupac and Death Row records. talks about Suge Knight, meeting with Orlando Anderson and clears up the confusion with lyrics from California Love.

On September 7 after the Tyson fight at the MGM, Tupac punched Southside Crip, Orlando Anderson. This led to Orlando falling to the ground, where the whole Death Row entourage proceeded to stomp him out. MGM security captured the whole scuffle on tape, which consequently lead to Suge Knight’s 9-year prison stint for violation of his parole.

As a result of being the victim of an assault captured on tape, Orlando Anderson decided to sue Death Row and Tupac. With Suge Knight already in prison, attorney David Kenner stepped in. Meeting with Orlando, Reggie and a legal team explained that Suge was trying to protect him. He said “that’s what Suge’s initial intent was, trying to get people off Orlando. Like ‘hey, not here can’t be doing this here’. Suge worked on clubs and knew Vegas, he knew there were cameras all over that motherf*!”

orlando anderson tried to sue

Orlando Anderson gripped onto Suge’s leg and kept on pulling, resulting in Suge kicking out trying to get free. The meeting went well with Death Row convincing Orlando to testify that Suge was trying to protect him. According to Reggie the Tupac estate paid $60,000 to Orlando, agreed upon by Afeni’s and Death Row attorneys.

‘From Long Beach To Rosecrans’

Reggie also speaks on Keefe D’s comments about Tupac dissing Southside crips on ‘California Love‘. Keefe is referring to Tupac saying “from Long Beach to Rosecrans”.

Reggie explains perhaps why Keefe and Southside crips felt disrespected. “Whenever you say Alondra Blvd or Alondras that usually signifies bragging about Crips. Rosecrans usually signifies bragging about Piru areas.” In the song ‘California Love’, Tupac mentioning Rosecrans, was looked at as him bragging about his association with Pirus.

After hearing him mention that line in California Love, rumor was that Crips wanted to confront Tupac. Although Reggie read about Crips attending the House of Blues concert, he says he never heard of any trouble. “I don’t believe that happened cause we would have heard about it. It wasn’t like they was gon jump him or anything like that but we would have heard about it,” says Reggie.


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