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Onyx Feature Bobby Brown On "Boy Still Got It" Single

Hip Hop legendary group Onyx is set to release their new project titled “Lost Treasures”. Fans have already gotten a taste of what’s to come with the latest single “Boy Still Got It” featuring Bobby Brown.

The new project “Lost Treasures” features twelve unreleased and rare songs from Onyx. Fans will get a chance to hear Fedro Starr and Sticky Fingaz collaborate with the likes of KRS-One, Layzie Bone, Drag-On and others.

Onyx Snowmads Tour is also in full affect, hitting Canada, Russia, Germany, and Switzerland from February to April 2020. For full tour dates head over to their official web site here.


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Onyx Feature Bobby Brown On "Boy Still Got It" Single
  1. Onyx f. Makem Pay — “Black Hoodie Rap”
  2. Sticky Fingaz f. Bobby Brown — “Boy Still Got It”
  3. Fredro Starr f. Drag-On — “Face Off”
  4. Sticky Fingaz f. Mad Lion & Begetz — “Gangsta Buster”
  5. Fredro Starr f. Layzie Bone — “Going In For The Kill”
  6. Sticky Fingaz f. Samuel L. Jackson, KRS-One, Mad Lion, Talib Kweli & Brother Jay — “I Can’t Breathe”
  7. Fredro Starr f. Layzie Bone — “Celebrate”
  8. Sticky Fingaz f. Big Pay Bac & Budda — “Think U Iller Than Me”
  9. Fredro Starr — “Outer Space”
  10. Sticky Fingaz — “SF MF”
  11. Onyx — “Never Going Back”
  12. Onyx — “Born 2 Rock”

Aside from releasing their new single and with “Lost Treasures” dropping on February 7th, Onyx is also featured on Lords Of The Underground new single “What’s Up”. Produced by Snowgoons, the music video for “What’s Up” can be seen below.

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Lords Of The Underground will also be featured on tour dates with Onyx.

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