North Carolina Hip Hop Artist Clatt Talks Influences, New Music

Eastern North Carolina has yet another rising Hip Hop artist in Clatt, who’s song “Dodo” and “No Love” are quickly putting eyes on the up-and-coming rapper.

Aside from pursing his solo music career, Clatt (@therealclatt) is also part of the collective unit “DCC”. A Hip Hop group consisting of three other eastern North Carolina artist in 252 Lico, Mainiac, and Cane.

Whether as a solo artist or with “DCC”, Clatt is set on proving why he belongs in the Hip Hop scene.

North Carolina Rising Hip Hop Artist Clatt
Clatt (Photo by We Are Royalty)

When did you start rapping, and who were some of your influences in Hip Hop?

I started just doing it for fun on the corner with my boys when I was like 12 years old. Some of my influences were early 2000 rappers like Dr. Dre and Eminem, Ugk, Three 6 Mafia, Lil Jon, Young Jeezy, and Gucci Mane.

When do you feel you made the decision to purse a music career and how has your music evolved since then?

2017. Found my Sound for sure definitely has became more of a mature and experienced business oriented artist honestly. Meeting and hanging around people that actually do music for a living has made me more of a well rounded artist in the end. People like 252 Lico, DJ Derrick Geeter, and Caleb Kelly.

What does your music represent?

Embracing a struggle. Trapping getting money and staying loyal to my people. Showing people that it don’t matter where you come from you can make it out.

How important is that coming from North Carolina?

From the side I’m from yeah I feel like it is. Ain’t much where I’m from the population of the town I’m from Beaufort N.C. It is a population of four thousand people. We have three stop lights in the town. (Laughs)

Do you feel there is a misconception about artists coming from North Carolina?

Nah we just don’t get the credit we deserve for the influences we have had in the game for real, but it’s our time now to shine I feel like.

Your latest single “Dodo” and its music video has done very well for you. How does it feel seeing the hard work pay off?

It feels good. I’m getting the recognition that my music has always deserved. Now that they see, I’m not gonna slow down.

What’s next for you and DCC?

Finish up our first tape and just keep putting in work for real. We will have more and more content for the people as it goes along.

You released new visuals for your song “No Love”. How did the song come about and can you tell us how you linked with AB who is featured on the song.

I speak my life into all my music for real, and I get real personal. So, this song is about things we all have been through. People doing you wrong. Deceiving you. All that causes you to have issues where it’s hard to show love.

AB and myself met through mutual studios. We record at called Media Majorz which is owned by my producer/engineer Caleb Kelly. Kelly also produced the song “No Love” as well.


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