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Nina Remembers Tupac In New Interview Coming To OON

Former pen pal and Death Row records associate, Nina Bhadreshwar remembers her dear friend Tupac Shakur in a rare exclusive interview coming to the O4L Online Network channel.

In the recently released clip, Nina says Tupac was done with Hip Hop after being shot in New York and falsely accused of rape which led him to be incarcerated for months.

“He was about to give up when he was in jail, that was it. He was going to off to Arizona,” Nina said on Heart Of An Outlaw show. “He was going to have a little store, have a restaurant going off. He was done with the rap game.”

Nina Bhadreshwar (DYLAN DRUMMOND)
Nina Bhadreshwar (DYLAN DRUMMOND)

But it was a voice just like Shakur had used to speak to “power” and inspire many, that at the end was what brought him back to Hip Hop. The voice of his fans. “But he choose to bring another one. It wasn’t for money, it wasn’t because he would have another blast at this. He did it because of his fans,” Nina explained.

It was those fans who wrote to Shakur while he was in Clinton Correctional Facility and uplifted Tupac’s spirits, making him realize he was needed. “He could see how many people actually loved him and were inspired by him. He heard that in his letters. That is why I got mad when they stopped sending though his mail. That’s his mail. That is a federal offense, you can’t interfere with someone’s mail.”

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Nina Bhadreshwar who worked for Death Row records as she interviewed many artists including Daz and Kurupt for the magazine Death Row Uncut, also spoke about meeting Suge Knight, her start in journalism, and more on Tupac, such as the last time she spoke to him.

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