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Nina Bhadreshwar Talks Tupac Trusting Her With His Words

Nina Bhadreshwar who worked for Death Row records, was trusted by Tupac Shakur who wrote her a letter while in prison hoping she would have his voice heard by the masses.

In the hour plus exclusive interview via the O4L Online Network, the journalist details her friendship with Shakur, in which she instantly became aware of his intelligence.

“He was very easy to talk to. Very intelligent and insightful. He didn’t waste words,” Nina said. “I didn’t trust anyone in that period of my life, but I knew I could trust him.”

Shakur also trusted Nina Bhadreshwar with his own story and words. While in prison, Tupac wrote a letter to Bhadreshwar, who at the time worked for Death Row records.


“Use it as you see fit. I am not granting this information to any other publication, not even TIME and Rolling Stone,” Tupac said in the letter written in May 6, 1995. “So please represent it as it is laid. I trust you.”

Nina Bhadreshwar wanted to make sure Tupac words was heard, rather than all the other publications and the media who was speaking for Shakur during his incarceration. “This is his own biography, in his own words. This is how he feels. This needs to be out there,” Bhadreshwar tells Andy of Heart of an Outlaw show. “It is not my voice, it is his voice. I knew it had to be out there.”

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Bhadreshwar also touches on her time working at Death Row records, meeting Suge Knight, Tupac’s unsolved murder and Russell Poole wanting to interview her, and much more. Watch the full interview below.


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