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Nick Cannon: Tekashi Wasn't The Mastermind Behind Fall Of Nine Trey

"If he wasn't an FBI agent, there was a FBI agent very close by" - Nick Cannon

Interviewed by Vlad TV, Nick Cannon explains how Tekashi 6ix9ine was not the “mastermind” behind the take down of the Nine Trey Gang, but rather the FBI lead the way.

Tekashi was hit with a two year sentence which includes time served. Shottie was giving 15 years, Mel Murda received 11 years, while others got fewer years, Tekashi was the one who received the lighter sentence.

With that being said, Nick Cannon says the Tekashi Nine Trey situation has been going on for years. “Then been doing this since the Mafia. This is a prime example how the Federal Bureau of Investigation can take out an entire neighborhood, entire community, entire people. And, put them all in cages.”

Nick Cannon: Tekashi Wasn't The Mastermind Behind Fall Of Nine Trey

“The FBI is all through this. If we wanna just think this is regular police law enforcement then we been silly,” says Cannon. “The way this is all broken down they need to get an entire community.”

Cannon believes the Feds used the oldest trick in the book. “So, the way to get that, is to get them through stunt, the music industry, showing what they can do,” explains Nick Cannon. “And, we will use this kid that has a lot of attention, to take down that entire community.”

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“They used young Daniel to do it. That’s all they did. He made good music. He got a lot of attention, and from that attention they made a lot of money, and from that a lot of money they showed it off,” says Cannon. “They made all the mistakes that we all make when we get too much of anything,” continued Cannon.


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