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Nick Cannon Provides Two Book Reviews Every Week

Multi-talented Nick Cannon is using his time wisely during times of social distancing as we all try to cope with the pandemic. Cannon via his social media is providing weekly book reports, while encouraging many to read along.

In May 2020, Cannon is set to receive a degree in Criminology from Howard University with a minor in African American studies.

First on the list is the book ‘Those Who Know Don’t Say‘ by Garrett Felber. “This book is a thoroughly well crafted source about a time when challenging incarceration and policing was central to the Black Freedom Movement,” states Nick Cannon via Instagram.

Nick Cannon Provides Two Book Reviews Every Week

“Later in the book Felber would introduce “Malcolm X the courtroom lawyer” where he and the Nation of Islam would use the US Courts as their battlefield and stage. Malcolm would so eloquently state his points and acknowledge that he only had received an 8th grade education and was an ex-convict himself, but would go on to fight and win the rights for prisoners to have freedom of religion and civil and human rights while incarcerated.”

According to Nick Cannon, ‘Those Who Know Don’t Say’, is a reminder of the past and present difficulties faced in black communities. “This book is an urgent reminder that Islamophobia, state surveillance, and police brutality have deep roots in the repression of Black communities past and present.”

Book number two for the week is ‘HBR’s 10 Must Reads on Mental Toughness‘. Cannon recommends this one in particular due to the difficult times we are facing in the world.

Nick Cannon On Mental Toughness book review

“Necessary and informative read specifically helpful for the current times we are experiencing. From all of us being pumped with fear and uncertainties, to the growing statistics of mental illness in our community, this quick read details some great tips to combat the world with mindful resilience.”

“This book teaches us to come back from every setback a stronger and better individual, These ten articles by experts in various fields help define cognitive strength and spiritual endurance,” writes Cannon. “If you are currently feeling challenged or on a lower frequency, or have ever felt like this, I definitely encourage this read! The tough just get tougher! Let’s persevere! Bless Up!”

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Up next is the book ‘God’ and ‘Soul On Ice’. Stay up to date with Nick Cannon’s book reports via his Instagram account.


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